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Fav movie
My favourite movie is No Country For Old men, check it out next time you pick up a dvd
That is a good movie. I saw it for the first time last week. I agree ! A bit violent though.

Although I like to allot movies but the most favorite movie that I really like that's movie name is evil dead I saw to this movie in darkness at my home.
Hi, It's nice to read about your choice but I am here for sharing some thing odd about me. I don't have favorite movie or music. I just like to listen the music according to my mood and movie is most famous.
I agree with you dude because i have seen that movie last week with my friends.One of the famous movie in all over the world.Well buddy thanks to you for sharing that information about it,i hope that you will share me more information about it you can do it?????SmileSmile
life is sad.
Normally I like Science-fiction movies more than romantic movies. I have just watched Interstellar. I really like this movie.

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